Transportation & Logistics

VIHAAN SOFTECH, An Offshore Software Development & Manpower Consulting Company

VIHAAN, agents and third-party logistics providers are challenged to endow their customers with a web-based view of their dealings. Transportation companies call for leveraging existing investment in systems, while delivering the e-commerce window shippers expectations. The shipping and transport industry is one which is constantly thumped by unforeseen demand. Costs that never seem to end, paired with asymmetrical returns are some of the characteristic features intrinsic to the very nature of this industry.

Accurate solutions are essential to be enforced at the right time or else situation can deteriorate. The effectiveness of the complete business needs to be enhanced at bare minimum outlay. This runs parallel to meeting the always escalating demands of the customers & suppliers. With a view to track with the times, exemplar of businesses & transporters feel the need to not only mandate IT to ease operations but also prove a useful critical business tool.

Assimilating the processes & IT system that aids in delivering end-to-end operational visibility is what Vihaan Softech Pvt Ltd caters you. Proliferating business efficacy, asset deployment & customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We dispense your needs, by aligning our services with industries such as road, rail, marine and infrastructure, express and post, logistics service providers and distribution.

We also facilitate in software adoption, downsize and renovate your applications portfolio and optimize your business processes to perk up operational presentation. The seasoned domain team procures the benefits of Information Technology to container and cargo handling sea ports besides the flawless information integration.

In order to restructure and homogenize communiqu between the ocean carriers and their trading partners, our practiced team has urbanized many solutions. Web native software applications which are hosted, maneuvered by us & used by our customers over the internet, have been put into practice by Vihaan Softech Pvt Ltd. Our IT solutions are such, that they condense the asset operating costs, tempos up the equipment's maintenance and revamp process and improve M&R management information. Operational efficiencies are bridged through communication gaps between: Inland Container Yards, Rail Ramps, Truckers, Stack Train Operators and Asset Owner Companies.

Our comprehensive solution eases work on the following counts

  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Automation of Bill of Lading
  • Setting up Sailing Schedules
  • Prompt Booking
  • Building up Rate Counts alacrity
  • Help in Claim Processing
  • Protected E-Payments

Our M&R management services efficiently unite trading partners, so that damaged equipment can speedily and economically get back into service. Equipment Repair Services enable ocean carriers to Streamline and speed up the equipment maintenance and repair

M&R Process

  • Trim down asset operating costs
  • Perk up M&R management information system

M&R Services includes

  • Connectivity
  • Data Management
  • Work Tools
  • Management Information

The above is just an overview of the IT solutions that we provide when it comes to Shipping and Transport