An Offshore Software Development & Manpower Consulting Company

Today, businesses need to be pro-active and flexible to meet unforeseen challenges. They are also under pressure to guarantee the technical competency of resources, to make cost savings and meet project deadlines. To meet such challenges, companies need to be flexible. One important area is that of human resources. Companies need to hire flexible resources cost-effectively, where possible avoiding taking on any long-term risk or liability.

VIHAAN SOFTECH offers professional consulting services to help clients meet their staffing challenges. At VIHAAN SOFTECH, our strength is our People. We specialize in finding the consultants best matched to specific project requirements. Working in close collaboration with a client, our recruitment team will identify which resources need to be supplemented and on what basis they should be taken on to best suit the needs of the company.

Qualified professional consultants are recruited using a stringent selection process and are constantly updated on the latest technologies and tools. They are from a wide range of disciplines including: platforms, operating systems, programming languages, databases, applications, website development, networks, e-commerce, ERP development, software engineering and project management.

Our professional recruiters source candidates to fill permanent vacancies. Our extensive network enables recruiters to seek out exceptional professionals who have been successfully employed but may not be traced through the usual channels. Special interview methods and multi-layered reference techniques are then used to select candidates to match specific requirements.

Nowadays there is an ever-growing demand for IT personnel as outsourcing to India continues to flourish. The recruitment and retention of quality resources is essential for a company to succeed but finding the right sources at the right time can be both time-consuming and a drain on a company's own resources and budget. Our New-age services are designed to meet the complex manpower challenges faced by the IT industry today.


Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • On-time, on-budget project delivery
  • Cost-effective, top quality solutions
  • Proven Track record backed by person-years of expertise
  • Real World Experience
  • End to End Solutions
  • Quality Assured
  • Technical Excellence
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Assured

VIHAAN constantly strive to research and develop products, services that meet the ever-changing needs of the customer, Ensuring continuous improvement in quality of our products and services.

VIHAAN provides employees with challenging tasks, exciting work-environment, top-class remunerations and a clear-cut development path. Society with high moral standards and impeccable integrity.

VIHAAN focus on strong process & customer centric approach. Clear, prompt & focused communication process High quality software. We are committed to providing quality, security and privacy to all our customers and development teams.