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A legacy system is an application or an old computer system that continues to be used because the user (typically an organization) does not want to replace or redesign it.

Vihaan Softech provides Legacy Application support for the applications that are considered to be potentially problematic for several reasons. Legacy systems often run on obsolete (and usually slow) hardware, and an obsolete software application service for which is difficult. For several reasons even the OEM of that particular deployed technology refuses to support.

These systems are often hard to maintain, improve, and expand due to a general lack of understanding. The designers of the system may have left the organization, leaving no one left to explain how it works. Such a lack of understanding can be exacerbated by inadequate documentation or manuals getting lost over the years. Integration with newer systems may also be difficult because new software may use completely different technologies.

Vihaan Softech's approach to support such Legacy Applications is to first analyze the existing system, technological stack and the current support requirement, and then offer solution to the client of the possibility of support, totality or partially fulfilling the requirement.


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