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Organizations often do not wish to be involved with technologies and solutions different from their core business. In such situation Third Party Integrations are demanded. Vihaan Softech provides Third Party Systems Integration.

Third party system integration incorporates different approaches for different service providers though API, XML or white labeling method, be it a core business application or a commercial online portal.

We at Vihaan Softech bring our extensive knowledge base and experience in third party systems integration and help our clients in customer response and delivery to their clients in much lesser time.

In case of Travel & Tourism vertical integration with any third party consolidator can be done by Vihaan Softech. Some examples of the integrations which Vihaan Softech specializes in are as follows:

  • Payment Gateways ICICI / Citibank / Billdesk, etc
  • GTA
  • Etours An Indian hotel consolidator.
  • GTA integrations
  • Travco
  • Any Third Party API Integrations


Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • On-time, on-budget project delivery
  • Cost-effective, top quality solutions
  • Proven Track record backed by person-years of expertise
  • Real World Experience
  • End to End Solutions
  • Quality Assured
  • Technical Excellence
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Assured

VIHAAN constantly strive to research and develop products, services that meet the ever-changing needs of the customer, Ensuring continuous improvement in quality of our products and services.

VIHAAN provides employees with challenging tasks, exciting work-environment, top-class remunerations and a clear-cut development path. Society with high moral standards and impeccable integrity.

VIHAAN focus on strong process & customer centric approach. Clear, prompt & focused communication process High quality software. We are committed to providing quality, security and privacy to all our customers and development teams.